Hidalgo Health Associates, Employee Assistance Program, Baton Rouge, LA

EAP Eligibility

Who is Eligible for EAP Services?

All employees and their dependents are eligible for EAP services under one or more of the following categories:


Children under the age of 17 and living with the employee/spouse

Children 18 and over are eligible, provided the employee can
(a) claim the child on his/her Federal Income Tax return and/or
(b) the child is an eligible dependent under the health plan contract

If you have questions about eligibility please contact us.

Cost of the EAP:
The company pays 100% of the cost of the EAP services. There are no charges for the employee and or their eligible family members to use the EAP services. Ignoring a serious family problem is costly, measured in emotional drain, time and money. The key functions of the EAP is to provide short-term counseling, crisis management, and to serve as a bridge between the troubled employee and public and private resources for longer term needs. The right help, at the right time, can be a good investment.

If an outside referral is determined to be appropriate by the EAP staff, every effort will be made to find the best resources at the lowest cost to the client. There may charges should you be referred to and choose to utilize the services of external professional resources. Certain costs may be offset, at least partially, by other employee benefits programs.

The EAP does not arrange for loans to assist with financial problems. Nor is the EAP designed to help with job related issues such as raises, promotions or transfers.

Contact Information

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