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EAP Training

Every successful business leader knows the importance of ongoing learning in growing a business.  A successful ongoing learning program will help employees remain challenged and motivated, thus promoting retention and productivity.  Additionally, it is crucial that businesses develop a training program for managers and supervisors to work with the different types of personalities and problems that arise in the workplace.

Hidalgo Health Associates offers various training programs designed to challenge and motivate individuals while promoting safety and productivity in the workplace.  The training programs offered by Hidalgo Health Associates address issues such as:

  • Employee Wellness and Personal Development
  • Workplace Productivity
  • Drug-Free Workplace
  • Compliance with US Dept. of Transportation Regulations
  • Supervisory/Management Training
  • Promoting Utilization of  EAP Services

To learn more about our workplace training programs, please click here.  We are willing to customize a program to meet your specific organizational needs.

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