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Welcome to our Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). Hidalgo Health Associates is a full service EAP. We design and administer client specific EAP services.

Hildago Health Associates (HHA) can design your EAP to address your company’s individual needs, for a safe and productive workforce. Our EAP’s have a solid track record of enhancing client profitability and improving employee performance. We can help add to your bottom line by reducing absenteeism, employee turnover and behavioral health care claims.

All EAPS are not alike in purpose or performance!
The traditional full service EAP is a partnership between the EAP, a company’s management, human resources and it’s employees. The key components of a full service EAP are management training and consulting, employee EAP orientation and face to face counseling with an EAP counselor. The EAP trains the company’s management to quickly recognize job performance problems and apply effective intervention techniques which motivates employees to use the EAP services. The employees and their families have access to professional counseling to help them resolve personal problems that affect job performance.

Learn more about our EAP Management Training and Employee Orientation.

While the internet or telephone hotlines can provide access to information, they are no substitute for a professional counselor when someone needs help with problems. One of our professional EAP counselors will always be there when your managers, supervisors or employees need help with business or personal problems.

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EAP Return on Investment
The National Institute of Mental Health documents that at any time, 20% of the national employee population is having personal problems and could use help from a professional counselor. The NIMH further documents that 10% of the employee population has serious problems that impact their ability to perform their job at an acceptable level. Our belief is that this 10% of the population should always be seen and evaluated by a professional EAP counselor.

In order for a company to maximize it’s EAP dollars, and achieve the return on investment cited below, the program must utilize all the components of the traditional work based EAP. ( i.e. management training, assisting with employee performance problems, employee orientation, and professional EAP counseling).

Implementing an effective EAP can produce a return of $7 to $15 per dollar invested. You can expect actual savings on behavioral health care insurance claims of $2 to $5 for each dollar of EAP services.

Are these extravagant claims?
Give us an opportunity to show you our system of tracking and documenting savings from reduced employee turnover, W/C claims, disability benefits, absenteeism, and behavioral health claims.

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