Hidalgo Health Associates, Employee Assistance Program, Baton Rouge, LA


Many brokers, agents, benefit managers and TPAs are looking for “Value Added Benefits”  that will enhance their relationship with their clients and add to their income.

Our EAP’s have a solid track record of increasing client profitability. We train your client’s managers / supervisors and human resource personnel, to deal with complex and sensitive workplace problems that affect employee performance. Our EAP’s add to your client’s bottom line by reducing absenteeism, employee turnover and behavioral health care claims. 

Our program is unique in three ways:

EAP Management Training - We provide managers / supervisors and human resource personnel, the tools to quickly recognize and resolve employee personal problems and job performance issues.

Employees Orientation and Counseling - We provide a comprehensive EAP orientation which educates employees on the EAP services and how to use them. The employees and their families have access to professional counseling to help them with personal problems that affect job performance.

Behavioral Health Claims - Our EAP services remediates or improves 80- 90% of the cases that we see, without the additional claims expense of a referral to external providers. By reducing external claims costs we can save your client money on their health insurance premiums.

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4637 Jamestown Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70808


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